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How To Organize the Qi Field with The 8 Verses

Updated: Jul 3, 2019

There are many ways to organize a qi field, and here I will share the way to organize the qi field with the 8 verses. Yet first, what is a qi field? This within itself is a large topic, and I will share more in our next newsletter. For now, I can say organizing the qi field is to consciously merge within yourself and merge with the external environment harmoniously. When one is harmonious internally and externally, optimal exchange of life force enhances the physical health, emotional intelligence, and conscious consciousness abilities of every person in the field. This may be just yourself when you organize the field alone or everyone in a group. In a group, the leader’s gongfu (ability to be fully present and focused) guides the group through words, movement, or the power of their own field. Every participant also exponentially adds to the group qi field.

Using the 8 verses to organize the qi field is a foundation of Zhineng Qigong. Ultimately for all practices, every single verse is incorporated – in every meditation, every movement. *

The head touches the sky, feet stand on earth

Adjusting/regulating the body posture – being the vessel. Connecting to the interplay between the inner expansion outward, to the surface of the body, and simultaneously combining with the forces (gravity) pushing inward and downward. Through this interaction we are not too tense (too much outward expansion) or collapsed (letting gravity cave us in). In this state we can open to all directions in a way that supports our physical body instead of expending energy to maintain our posture.

The body relaxes and the mind expands

As we pay attention to the body, we begin to draw our awareness inward. Through this inward process we continue to bring the mind back to its home, the center of the head. The body relaxes then even more. The mind, now unified, can consciously and uniformly expand outward, through all layers of the body, and then beyond the physical body.

Be respectful and quiet

Consciousness training requires focus. This is the practice. As we focus, the mind begins to settle like a clear lake – calm, peaceful. We understand to be respectful of the practice. We sense the power of being present. We incorporate this power into what we do, who we are. When we respect something, we pay attention to it. We relax even more.

The mind is clear and appearance is humble

When the mind is clear, naturally the wisdom within comes forth, yet in our wisdom we are always humble, humble to this life we have been given, to the life of others. We are humble internally and externally. As the mind relaxes through being respectful, there is still even more physical relaxation.

No distracting thoughts

In our practice we do not focus on not thinking – we replace the 10,000 thoughts with the one thought. What is the thought? If put in words would be “I am here. I am here now, I am the universe, the universe is me.” yet these words are not necessary. Simply to be focused in the present, know what you are doing - following the steps of the 8 verses and organizing a qi field.

The mind expands to infinite space

The mind unified now harmoniously merges with infinite space. Merges with the Oneness, consciously. Still aware of our center, anchored in the center of the head yet everywhere simultaneously. The body is the background and infinite space is the foreground.

Feel the mind shining into the body deeply and inwardly

We turn our attention back inside, and like a sponge absorb qi from all directions, holistically nourishing ourselves. The body is the foreground and infinite space the background. Letting qi penetrate to the inside of the cells of the body.

Entire body is harmonized with Qi

Through following the rhythm of nature, which is open/close, absorb/release, in/out, and transform, we have now come to a deeper state within ourselves, harmonized internally and externally with our surroundings. This will deepen our experience of our practice, which may be movement or static practice. We maintain this state, not only in practice but in daily living. Enjoy!

*This is my interpretation of the 8 Verses Organizing the Qi Field practice from study and my own experience. There are several levels within this meditation, as well as several interpretations. One can use these verses together, or you can connect with one and repeat it throughout the day. The Chinese version is quite powerful, and encouraged to practice. I will do my very best to have a recording from Master Yuantong Liu when he visits and share in the next newsletter.

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