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Barbara G.

My journey learning and growing about Qi Gong started with Reyna about a decade ago. While the practice at first may seem like a type of physical exercise, I discovered its power as a beautiful foundation of peaceful mindfulness, calm and confidence that helps one navigate Life.

- Barbara G.


Danny B.

Commitment to qigong practice, study, and time learning from Qigong Masters is what makes Reyna such a unique teacher. She is empathetic, listens deeply, and offers insightful feedback to my questions about Zhineng Qigong and my life. I would definitely recommend learning Zhineng Qigong and/or receiving a Hun Yuan Qi therapy session from Reyna!


Pam R.

My practice keeps becoming deeper and more profound. Blockages are unblocking all over the place! I keep having deeper insights into my body and all the blockages and how and why they are connected. Your guiding words were beautiful and exquisite. Qigong helps me open to the sorrow, pain and grief which is then followed by peace and silence as some of that releases. I'm so thankful for Dani and Reyna.


Analisa B.

I have so much love and appreciation for you both. I am inspired by the practice you have clearly done yourselves over many years, and your ability to share that in your unique ways with us