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Qigong Retreat

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December 9-11, 2021
All Levels Welcome

3-Day On-line Qigong Retreat

December 9 - 11, 2021

(Thursday, Friday, Saturday)

Beginning | Intermediate | Advanced

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3 Centers

Absorb Qi through the  3-Centers (bottoms of the feet, top of the head, and both palms) into your lower dantien.

La Qi

Exchange internal and external energy and  develop sensitivity to Qi. Can be done standing, sitting or lying down.

Rou Fu

Build strength and vitality with abdominal massage to connect to the spiraling energy of your lower dantien


Enhance digestion, regulate body weight, calm extreme emotions, loosen lower back, and enhance Qi in the lower limbs.


"We designed this retreat to support a deepening connection with yourself. It is wise to conserve and replenish your Qi as your body goes through the change of the seasons. I'd like to offer you this opportunity to prepare yourself for the new year ahead by reconnecting with your body, heart, and awakened mind." -- Reyna


  • Harmonize with the coming season to maintain physical health during the colder months ahead.

  • Discover replenishing practices that will help to unveil your next level of health.

  • Strengthen your emotional resilience to confidently navigate life's daily ups and downs with ease and grace.

  • Reclaim your peace and joy.

  • Regain any lost sense of self by connecting to who you really are and learning the benefits of regular practice.

  • Receive guidance from experienced teachers to learn the details and flow of the retreat experience.

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A Qi Nap is a beautiful way to allow the Qi that you have generated during your session to further balance and harmonize with your entire body, mind and spirit. It is often preceded by either a physical practice or a guided meditative journey intended to activate your Qi for the purpose of healing and renewal.

Reyna Lerma

Reyna studied Zhineng Qigong for 12 years. She lovingly shares the wisdom of the practice with her students, readily supporting their intimate exploration of personal health and healing. Reyna firmly believes we each have a vast amount of energy readily available to us at any moment through any circumstance which is the catalyst for healing.

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Daniela Carraro

Dani has dedicated over 25 years of study to the cultivation of fierce kindness, connectedness, and joy, searching worldwide for the original wisdom of the heart. Dani embodies and is integrating a new energy level from which she has begun to heal and teach others. She transmits her own embodiment of the energy of the Mother - Quan Yin - the goddess of fierce grace and compassion.



  • Welcome

  • Basic Movement for Qi Flow

  • Finger Vibration Method to stimulate membrane system

  • Sound Healing


  • Vertical Breathing

  • Three Centers Merge Method

  • Organ Sound Healing


  • Healing Circle Walking

  • Rhou Fu (Abdominal Massage)

  • Qi Nap

  • Vertical Breathing

  • Hip Rotations


  • Healing Circle Walking

  • Uniting Three Dantiens Meditation

  • Closing


  • Movement to Open the Neck and Torso

  • Three Centers Merge Method

  • Talk: The Three Immune Systems of the Body

  • Self Massage: Stimulating the Acupuncture Points


  • Healing Circle Walking

  • Qi Nap

  • Vertical Breathing

  • Hip Rotations


Don't have the entire weekend to nourish yourself but know you could benefit from this work? You can register for the whole retreat, individual days, or individual sessions.

Full Retreat Dec 9, 10, 11, 2021

Morning Sessions: 9am-12pm PST

Afternoon Sessions: 1pm-4pm PST

Full Retreat $260

$210 Early Bird Discount

(valid until 11/26/21)

One Day  $100

One Session $60


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If you do not wish to register for the full retreat, you can register for one day or one session by selecting from the dropdown list below. Separate orders must be placed to register for each additional day or session OR you can fill out a request for multiple sessions.

The Early Bird Discount ($50) is applied to the price of the Full Retreat at checkout. No discount is available for individual days or sessions.

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Cheryl H.

Although I have a consistent daily Zhineng Qigong practice, I make every effort to attend ZQ retreats with Reyna and Dani because each one is unique and offers so much more than the chance to learn the techniques of the practice. No matter how hectic my life gets, I push the pause button and take time for retreat. It gives me the opportunity to relax, reconnect, and reset to the healing resonance of the Qi field. 


As a result, I've experienced a deepening of my capacity to transform my mind, body, heart and spirit.  And even though I have experienced these transformations myself and witnessed them in others many times, each time it happens I am filled with an amazing sense of awe and wonder. 


Both Reyna and Dani are skilled teachers who use their expertise to create a community of connection, compassion, love, joy and grace for all retreat participants.  I am deeply grateful for their dedication to the practice and willingness to share their gifts with others.

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Barbara G.

My journey learning and growing about Qi Gong started with Reyna about a decade ago. While the practice at first may seem like a type of physical exercise, I discovered its power as a beautiful foundation of peaceful mindfulness, calm and confidence that helps one navigate Life.

- Barbara G.


Danny B.

Commitment to qigong practice, study, and time learning from Qigong Masters is what makes Reyna such a unique teacher. She is empathetic, listens deeply, and offers insightful feedback to my questions about Zhineng Qigong and my life. I would definitely recommend learning Zhineng Qigong and/or receiving a Hun Yuan Qi therapy session from Reyna!


Jennifer A.

Practicing Qigong with Daniela is a uniquely inspired experience. She fills the room with her beautiful waves of positive, infectious energy-encouraging wisdom, and strenghtening support. What's more she provides an incredibly potent healing to each person at the end taht you can feel on a visceral level. I would fervently recommend Daniela's gift to everyone."


Pam R.

My practice keeps becoming deeper and more profound. Blockages are unblocking all over the place! I keep having deeper insights into my body and all the blockages and how and why they are connected. Your guiding words were beautiful and exquisite. Qigong helps me open to the sorrow, pain and grief which is then followed by peace and silence as some of that releases. I'm so thankful for Dani and Reyna.


Analisa B.

I have so much love and appreciation for you both. I am inspired by the practice you have clearly done yourselves over many years, and your ability to share that in your unique ways with us